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Yes I know. I've been gone for a long time, haven't posted up anything on here, and have ventured into other things. And yes this means I haven't drawing cartoon horses for while. So I think it's safe to say that I'm gonna create another account for my other drawings as well as some animation projects that I've been working on. Maybe in the future I may end up drawing another poni but time will only tell.

This won't mean that I'll deactivate this account since there are still some amazing vectors I still want to keep up.

So if anyone who is reading this wants to see more of my stuff my other account is here:…

Sorry if I have to drop out of this account and hopefully anyone will understand this action.
It's been fun here. Hopefully I get to see anyone on my other account. :-/




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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
- Birthday : September 14
- Zodiac Sign : Virgo
- Location : CA
- Favorite Music Type : Power Metal, Symphonic Metal
- Favorite Fictional Characters : Death (Darksiders Series), Alphonse Elric, Fluttershy :P
- Favorite Food : Seafood & Pasta
- Inspirations : Walt Disney, Luca Turilli, Tuomas Holopainen
- Operating System : Windows 7

I'm not the one to judge when I say this, but I do think of myself as a little multi-talented when it comes to my hobbies. (Since I'm mostly an artist and an athlete at the same time.)

When looking at athletics I usually do races such as half-marathons (13.1 miles). The races I've done so far were in Long Beach and San Francisco. I do want to try a triathlon but I find the time to do that. XL As far as art....well you can see my gallery. For the most part I'm doing brony art but at times I do experiment on some things.

I'm currently a college student right now and studying graphic arts. I have been busy lately.


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Can 30 or 40 point be good enough for a two mare vector? (OC and Susnet Shimmer)
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